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Promoting Your Business With Stickers

So, what’s the appeal to having your logo on stickers? Well, for one thing, you can pretty much put them anywhere!  This makes guerrilla marketing or putting your logo on a package easy. You can hand them out to clients, include them in packages that you send out to customers, or use them as business cards.

Do you send packages out to customers?  Seal it with a branded sticker!  Remember it’s the little details that count.

Stickers resonate with everyone!  They are popular as giveaways and handouts during events because everyone likes stickers.  They are a throwback to childhood that people don’t outgrow.

Once a sticker is in the hands of a customer they become the marketing vehicle for your brand.  Since stickers can be put anywhere, no other marketing or promotion vehicle is quite as malleable or effective.

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