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Stopping the noise with Key-Bar!

Shhhhh! Do you hear that?! That annoying jingle coming from your pocket or purse? No, then you are probably a proud owner of a Key-Bar.  For those of you that have not come across this nifty little tool let me introduce you.  The Key-Bar is 3.5 inches long and weighs from 1.16-1.83 ounces, depending on the model.  It comes in a variety of materials, aluminum, carbon fiber, copper, and titanium. It is a master at keeping your keys quiet and organized; think of a Swiss Army knife but for your keys!

Creator, Michael Taylor, came up with this idea while working in his garage one weekend.  Michael was a chief engineer at a hotel in downtown Savannah, GA.  He would have to carry a key ring around with him all day with about a dozen keys on it.  He found this noisy, unorganized and extremely inconvenient.  While creating a set of knife scales for one of his knives he got the idea to create a key holder with a pocket clip, and the Key-Bar was born!

Key-Bar came to us looking for a high quality sticker to brand their tins, which the use to package their product.  With many revisions and many drafts the above image was finally decided on.  A high quality sticker for a high quality product!  Head over to to check them out, use STICK10 at checkout and receive a discount on your order!

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